Monday, August 13, 2007

Into the homestretch

I've been absent a couple of weeks, but not sitting on my hands. We are finally coming into the homestretch with getting the bindery set up.

Part the first

Finally, the old storage room/bedroom is empty and ready for the floor to be redone:

Here for the first time, we can see the eponymous corner after which the Corner Bindery is named. (Actually I could have taken a picture earlier - but it would not have shown much but stacks of boxes and random junk I was embarrassed to show!)

Part the second

I'd hoped to type this as the handyman I hired was taking up the carpet... But as has been typical of the whole project he can't get started until Wednesday. Ah well, one takes progess as one gets it.


tulibri said...

You've been tagged!

I don't know if this will improve your carma, but if you like to know more about it, have a look here:

tulibri (aka bookarat)

Tclynch said...

Hey Derek! It's rowdy- my phone # is- 336-306-4688