Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bookbinding forums.

It's very amusing to see various places on the web come up with new and cute names for forums... As though the words forum itself didn't have a long and meaningful history. Everything has to be new on the net it seems - sometimes agressively so.

That being said, here are some binding forums/communities/whatever that I check on a regular basis;

  • The Book and Paper Arts Forum. "Dedicated to all forms of bookbinding and book arts" - plus a section for paper arts (marbling, etc...) related to bookbinding. This is my go to source for advice and information.

  • Flickr is home to the Handbound Books Pool - which has two sections, Discussion (which is fairly slow and rarely used), and the Pool (basically a photo gallery). There are some very nice works in the gallery (which has new photos fairly steadily), and of course Flickr lets registered members leave comments.

  • Livejournal hosts the Bookbinding and Book Arts and the Handmade Book communities. The latter is much more active and has many creative bindings posted there.

  • Artists Books 3.0 is a new forum for "artists, curators, librarians, students, and researchers interested in artist books and the book arts". Being new, it is kind of slow at the moment but shows potential as social networking/mini Live Journal site for the bookbinding and book arts communities.

With the exception of the first, I found these via Google's blog search. I have a search on "bookbinding" saved as a feed and read it regularly in Google Reader.

Updated - 10 July 2008, added Artists Books 3.0


tulibri said...

Hi Derek, thanks for sharing those links!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the nice comments about the Book Arts Forum. :o)

Anonymous said...

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