Monday, July 9, 2007

Quivering with anticipation

Good news on the bookbinding front - I met with Matt, the friend who will be helping me build the shelves in the garage, and confirmed this upcoming weekend for installing them. Take two weeks from then for cleaning out the storage room and taking up the carpet and tiling it... And by the first of August I should be able to set up the bindery! On top of that, UPS tracking shows my packages from Hollander to be 'out for delivery', and my Amazon account claims a shipment of books will arrive today!

Yeah, like Brenda said over the weekend, I'm getting to be like a kid on Christmas Eve.

The new workshop space will be in what used to be a bedroom. We've decided to go ahead and take up the carpet (even though it is new) and tile it before putting in the craft stuff. It's a workshop - and paint and glue and scraps will end up on the floor. Much easier to put in a durable floor now, than to take everything out of the room and do it later. We'll keep the removed carpet and recycle it elsewhere in the house for floor mats / throw rugs etc...

So far as workshop furniture goes, basic and cheap it the watch word. I've got a couple of extra bookcases in the garage that will go in there, and I'll pick up a used table or desk from somewhere. I'd originally thought to build a dedicated bench, but I really should hold off until I have enough experience to design one.

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