Monday, July 16, 2007

Garage complete

After two hard days of carpentry, the garage is complete! Another step on the path to setting up the bindery behind me.

On the other hand, the storage containers won't arrive until Thurs, rather than the today as I had planned. Why is it that the estimated arrival date goes up between when you first inquire and when you show up with money? (At least, that's how it always seems to happen to me - and the reverse of what I would expect.) This puts me most of week behind in getting the bindery set up, most annoying!

Tools and materials are accumulating in the corner of the living room, and many of the books I've ordered have arrived. (And those books are the source of a rant boiling inside me... More on that in a day or two.) I've been entertaining myself going through them and making a list of the bindings and structures I want to try. (And sorting them - simply ones first, more complex later.)

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